Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 32

So the new sister in my district went to BYU (suprise suprise) and studied food Science and was in the same lab group as amanda!  haha it is a small world.  Her name is Ashley elliott.  one of those blonde californians that i know amanda Always just loves.  haha

This was a good week.  We had a zone conference which took up almost a full day and it was with 3 zones so tons of missionaries which was fun. Today we went to belem which I have been there several times already but the rest of the district wanted to go there and it was our district p day.  So that was a good time.  It is a little strange being in a district with all sisters becuase I feel fine talking to them all but I just feel that it is just not the same as being with Elders since it is the mission.  (it is a good thing for Elder sutton becase he could use the practice talking to girls where there is not consequences at all,  Hopefully i can really help the kid out) Anyways I am enjoying every day and it is going by really really fast which is actually kindof scaring me that we are already half way through this transfer.

I am really enjoying our time.  We have stopped going to a lot of investigators that are not progressing and usually that would make it seem like we would not have much to do but we are super busy every day and are finding some new people to teach which is good becase I am tired of the investigators that we have and them not progressing.  It is taking me some time to get used to the extra time that we have in the house every day again.  But it isnt too bad.  I have to constantly be encouraging ole sut to do a bunch of little things like shave and not study in bed but he is starting to accept some of those things.

So I have been thinking a lot about why I am really out here and what is the real base of my testimony and as I have had more and more opportunities to talk and bear my testimony because ole sut is still building on the language which leaves me with basically all of the lessons all day long. I have really enjoyed the realization that it has brought me too that what the gospel and all this is all about for me at least is Family.  It is central to the plan of happiness, the basic unit of all the universe  and it is really in the end what brings the majority of people their true happiness in life.  When i get in doubt about a person and I do not know excatly what I think they need to hear so that the spirit can touch thier heart according to their needs I usually fall back on the blessings the gospel has for the Family.  We had a cool experience with this when after church on sunday we went over to Rosarias and Joaos (the eternal investigators that we dropped over a month ago and they have continued to come to church) because they specifically asked for a visit so that they could get to meet my new comp a little. I went in and we had a little bit of a lesson planned to watch the new easter vídeo with them, but after Rosaria started talking about how they were living in seperate rooms and stuff now tring to figure out how to live the law of chastiy so that she could be baptised, i decided to just ask them two questions.

The first was just what is it that brings you the most happiness in your life.  and the second was what can you do to focus on that so you are more happy?  And just that was all that they needed to see that what they really wanted was to be happy together and as a Family.

They were more happy attentive and sincere then I have ever seen them before and they even said that they would like to be married together in the temple for all time and eternity after months of saying that they are not even ready to get remarried in this life.  I saw them show effection to each other and move closer together on the couch and everything.  It really showed me that Family really does change everything and it really is the purpose of all of this.  But we are not going to start going by them again becuase clearly enough not passing by is much more effective haha.  It is time for them to make the moves on their own.

esta semana estamos a continuar e limpar todo nosso tempo que nos podemos mesmo focalizar no pessoas que sabemos são em alverca que são mesmo preparado para ser batizado.  Agora depois a luta por alguma semanas para ajudar pessoas aceitar e viver os mandamentos e chegar na igreja, estamos a libertar nosso outro tempo para encontrar com os eleitos.  and it is working.  We have found several new young people and families that have never been taught and have a open heart and mind to recieve the truth and have better lives.  I often have a hard time deciding how persistent with our investigators we need to be.  It is one thing that personally I feel that I have more of a tendency to never accept an answer that they cant make it to church becuase of some lame excuse or that they can make it on their own for the first time without letting us make specific plans to help them actually come.  But Elder Sutton is helping me have a fresh veiw on our investigators and which of them really have potential to progress.

Training has been going well and we are really doing a lot of practices in all the planning and study sessions that we have together.  We really drilled trough a whole bunch of different lenght restoration lessons practicing lots of different situations and then we saw the fruits of this in our work.  I really enjoy watching the spirit come into the lesson when he is really sincere and does all that he can to humbly bear his testimony.  It has reminded me that we all need to forget ourselves and our abilities and talents and become like little children and truely put all of our trust in the Lord.

Com Amor

Elder Hobson

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