Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 33 - General Conference

So the highlight of my week as I am sure that it was for you too was general conference.  It was a really fun conference and we did get a lot of that good stuff that we need so desperatly.  I watched some of it in portuguese and some of it in english.  The portuguese I was able to understand well it is just that it is a translation and really is not quite the same because you cant hear that power and conviciton that the prophet and apostles have in their voice.  Plus the whole time you can hear a little of the english coming through so it is kindof annoying to here it because it is like there is always two people talking and I understand them both so it is hard to tune out the quieter english.  But we have the chapel that has the stuff set up to recieve the transmission so there were several branches that came to watch it with us.  We had a seperate room set up on the other side of the hall that was in english for missionaries and other members that speak english well too.  so if we didnt have investigators to sit with we would watch it in there.

One thing we did this week was to clean a whole bunch of mold out of the house of a member.  There was so much mold and from all the bleach and everything we were getting all a little light headed and a little loopy but it was a good service project and everything,  the family was greatful and now their house is problably a healthier enviornment.

We went to the big store here in our area to shop today and we were able to snag up some things that I have not seen in a while like salsa and tortillas.  It was problably one of the few times in my life that I have had an actually really enjoyable time shopping.

We met a cat lady that volunteers most of here time at a cat and dog shelter that has a bunch of cats that they have taken off of the street and put in this house thing that is really well kept and they take care of them.  It is a good thing I guess they need to keep the cats off the streets but there is definatly more then enough cats running around here.  But she is really cool and was pretty open to hear our message so hopefully we can get her to progress.  When we left she was leaving the shelter too and I offered to carry the big black trash sack for here to the trash which problably weighed about 40 lbs.  She then explaied to be careful because the dogs had ripped it open and also I later found out that it was just the cat poop from the day that she cleans up every day.  40lbs a day!!  It is interesting to me the causes that some people will dedicate thier lives too.

Easter is a big deal here.  Becuase everyone is an active catholic so that means that they all went to church last sunday, friday, and on easter.  So that was a little annoying that people werent really accepting on the church invitations becase they actually had plans to go to their own chruch this weekend. But it was cool to see everyone remembering what our savior did for us.

This week we are doing all that we can to find the elect and really focus our time and efforts on the children of God that will progress and keep the commitments that we give them. This has brought a lot of time out looking for new investigators and doing all that we can to find the elect. Which is certianly not the easiest thing to do but I know that I would much rather search for the few that are already prepared and willing to really apply the gospel in their life then to continue to pass the time by with investigators that do not show any real intent to make the changes nessicary in their lives.  I know that if we continue to do all that we can on our part, work well with the members, and trust in the Lord to guide us we will be able to find more people to teach and bring unto Christ.

We set a goal as a dupla to pray every time one of our scheduled appointments fell through.  And we were able to see several little miracles from those prayers.  Whether it be that we were able to talk to our alternate plan or that we found someone who was clearly prepared in the street, It was a strong testimony that the Lord will get his work done despite how weak and flawed we may be as long as we are puting all our effort and trust in him.  I loved President Uchtdorf's comments about grace as well.  Every time I study what he did for us, which is everyday, I feel more and more humbled by my absolute dependance on him and how he has provided the only way that we can be happy.  I know that he live and loves us all.

Easter week has come and gone but let us not stop to remember all that the savior has done for us and our need to constantly and throughly to apply the atonement in our lives and accept that amazing gift that he gave us.

I love you all

Elder Hobson

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