Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 28

This week we have had seen some good things happen.  Our members here
are helping out and we are seeing a lot of menos activos coming back.
Plus we have some investigators that are progressing and we will be
working really closely with to help them get baptised here soon.

I have been working on really focusing my studies so that I have
really follow my plans to study things for 15 minutes and move on and
I have felt my studies being more effecient.  I have been enjoying
studying about oracao and I have learned a lot about all the things
that we should be praying for.   I know that prayers is how we talk
with our father and I am really greatful for all those scriptures that
help us to communicate with him better and really get all that we can
out of this sacred connection.  One scripture that I really like about
prayer is romans 8:26.

Well I didn't end up getting Gelato but today i did eat a couple cheap
ice cream cones haha.  We do not have really any good gelato places
here in Alverca like I had in costa.  We went to a castle today which
was cool.  really was my first time wandering around in the really
downtown crowded lisbon with lots of tourists and interesting things.
So that was fun.

The Noite de Hot Dog was a sucess.  I made all the food (Microwaved 70
cheap gross hot dogs that come in water in a can) and we were able to
feed about 30 people crappy hotdogs chips and soda on about 18 euros
and they left happy, so it was a good deal.

I made bannana bread which turned out nice but wasent comparable to moms.

Ibe came to church this week and that was really awesome.  when I
asked him about baptism after sacrament meeting he didnt say yes that
he is ready but he said he wants to make it a family affair becase
that is what we have been really focusing on with him is the blessings
the gospel gives families. We watched together forever with him which
was really powerful and helped motivate him alot.  Unfortunatly we are
fighting against the clock here and his wife took the kids and went to
asssembly of God later on on sunday instead of coming with him.  but
we are going to try and give them the opportunity to listen too so
that they can accept the blessings as a family.

We taught a russian girl that was really nice and made us crepes and
stuff for our first visit.  She accepted everything well and it was
all good until the end when she said that she dosent really believe in
Jesus Christ,  which was suprising becuase she is a practicing
catholic so we didnt think it was something that we really need to ask
a lot of questions about.

Lots of other interesting things happpend this week too.

one member had an interesting experience during my testimony in
sacrament meeting.. remind me to tell you about that another day.

Love you all hope you have a better week.
Elder Hobson

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