Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 29

Today we got to go on a bike ride with a guy named Nunu which was way
fun.  the weather was perfect and he gave us a nice tour of some of
the country side near Alverca and he likes practicing his english too
so he explained everything to me in english..  We passed through one
town which is called "were the crazies are" and we took some pictures
of a statue of Hucules and a bunch of other cool things.  The rio tejo
today we passed by and the whole thing was absolutely glass I almost
died wanting to go waterskiing..

The weather changed here and it is now in the 70s and sunny all the
time.  It is awesome and I am excited to be rocking the short sleeves
again and feeling the sun.  That is crazy that it is warm in Idaho

No I have not com into contact with many russians.  But yeah people
from everywhere are here. And we havent been able to talk to her agian

My portuguese is getting better all of the time.. I am really
comfortable reading the book of mormon in portuguese and really
anything.  I understand 95% of the things that people are saying and I
learn new words out of context every day.  I really only speak
portuguese because as a mission it is one thing that President
Fluckiger does not want us to be speaking english out side of the
house so I never speak english and Feel funny when i do have to with

Ibe's Wife left for london to start her interveiws and stuff and so he
does not want to get baptised until they are together again and when
hopefully she will want to get baptised with her.  Right now he will
get baptised is the plan but I am working with him to be more
proactive in searching out the missionaries and the church in London.
So right now it looks like I will not see him get baptised here in a
couple weeks but we will see.

So the funny story in the life of Elder Hobson this week is that I
burned myself with an iron on...  yep just as you thought..  my face.
I went to unplug the stupid thing and bumped the table and it tiped
over and left a red line on the side of my face...  I am getting made
fun of for it by the members quite a bit but it didnt hurt or anything
so it is all good.

This week we were able to see some sucess come from our many many
contacts.  We tried contacting one lady who though we were TJs and so
she wrote us off but we said we are not TJs just left her with a card
and asked to explain who we really are to her and she accepted and we
got her address.  We taught her a spiritual first lesson and she came
to church and has never been baptised so she accepted the convite
logo!  She is marked for baptism next week now and the sisters will
teach the rest of the lessons.

We have investigators that are right there and once they are confident
enough to accept the answer they have gotten they will be getting
baptised.  The Lord really does put his elect in our path and I am
excited to continue to work with the people that we have found and
come to love here in Alverca.
The study of the last week of the lords life has been a powerful
testimony builder for me and I especially enjoyed focusing my studies
with Jesus the Christ and the details that I had not yet heard that
make it so much more real and personal what the lord really went
through and how emense his sacrifice really was.

Next week is transfers so we are both thinking that there is about no
chance we will stay together again in Alverca but we will have to see
and it could be that I will be talking to you from a different area
next week.

Yeah so have a great week Love you all!!!
Elder Hobson

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