Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 39

Well as I look at all of those pictures and review all of the building
stages that you have sent me pictures of I am really glad that the age
change happened and I was able to be away on a mission for every
single one of them!  You all are doing a great job getting everything
nice and organized again. But even still I do wish that I could have
been there to take some of the load off.  But it sounds like Christina
and Jesse have been doing a really good job of steping up to the
challenge and getting the work done.

I am so excited that the Demers moved to Bosie.  That will make it
easier for me to visit them when I come home.  I am pretty sure that
they are indistructable or something getting in car accidents and
stuff at their age and lack of sight levels and coming out fine. I do
miss them and am sure glad for all that I learned from those years of
visiting with them and getting to know them.  Being with them really
taught me the blessings of being able to visit people and be a home
teacher.  I find it to be a great responsibility that I am glad we

As a district we are a ways off of our meta this month still as we
have yet to baptise and we do not have any marchados.  I do believe
though that the sisters are doing what they need to be to go out and
find the people that will progress and are already prepared.  We had a
big change in our sucess this week with having 9 investigators in
church this week in the district which is a drastic improvement over
the previous weeks and we are going to work to get all of those people
marked.  As for the bem estar of the district, I believe that the
sisters are working hard and having less conflict.  Vila Franca B had
a division with the STLs this week however I did not recieve a report
on it from the STLs until I several days later when I found out about
it and called them.

Elder Suttons training has been going well still.  He is focused and
has a real desire to his best. We are trying to improve his relations
with the members so that we can work more effectivly with them and
that he can work side by side with them sucessfully and gain their
respect and trust.  I have been really trying to help him learn how it
is that we need to act as missionaries and as preisthood men for that
matter.  It is tough to try and help someone quickly lose bad habits
and learn temper control which is also a challenge because it is a
really humbling experience to know how that it is then nescisarry to
always be a good example of those attributes.

In our area we have two people that we have plans to baptise this
month. We have Paula who we had marked but fell because of church last
week but went this week and is just a hesitant to accept a date again,
but we are close with it.  Next we have a young man named Marcelo who
we recently met who has a desire to be baptised he just wants to learn
more before commiting.  We know that we really do have prepared people
out here that are ready to accept the gospel and we are excited to be
finding some.  I have learned alot about faith and how if we telling
the Lord that we have faith to find the elects but are not putting all
of the council that we have recieved from our mission leadership and
preach my gospel in action we are lacking the action and therefore are
lacking in faith.  I am immensely grateful for PME and other
instrutions we have been given so that I can always know that I am
doing all I possibly can to show the Lord my Faith in him to guide his

I have also been studying about how Christ has instructed the
missionaries that he personally sent out as his apostles and the
seventy.  I love reading the insights and detailed discriptions that
they have in Jesus the Christ.  It has really helped me to get to know
our lord and savior more and I am grateful for every single time that
my relationship with him improves. It is interesting how much you can
learn each time from studying the same things over and over and how
the spirit really can adapt the message to our needs in the moment.

Anyways we are happy and healthy my new question for my sisters every
night. Thanks mom :)

Com tanto amor
Elder Hobson

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