Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 40 teaching Matt from Colorado!

First off Nathan looks like all the kids that run around out here with
that nice soccer lacross haircut.  I cant believe that tyson got
hitched!  Also that is cool that you are a ward missionary.  does that
mean that you are going to be going out to work with the elders there
a lot?  and it is about time that amanda got to go and do the adult
stuff instead of being assigned baby sitting duty.

This week we as a district we decided to fast and pray that we could
mark people for baptism. And during our fast we had 2 people accept a
date. Unfortunatly neither of them came to church and then fell. I am
still grateful for the experience that we had to show us all that the
Lord will answer our prayers and that we can and will have sucess. I
have seen the power of recent converts in finding new people to teach
recently. They have such a desire to share the new joy of the gospel
that they have in their life with everyone especially those people
that they love with family members and closest friends. I believe that
to be the key of real gowth as we can help new or weak members switch
roles and be the ones teaching and inviting, helping them to truely
live the gospel.

This week studing to meet with a guy named MATT from COLORADO who is
studying to be a preacher I have been really trying to expand my
knowledge of the spirit world and of the preisthood and why everything
is the way that it is.  Teaching him and studying the scriptures with
him makes me deeply grateful that we have modern profets and
revelations that we can always rely on to clear up those areas that
are sometimes not the easiest to get out of the scriptures (especailly
when you do not have the Book of Mormon or Doctrine and Covenants)
But anyways the church is true and even though he has studied the
bible for years and everything even to the point of learning greek so
that he could read the bible in greek he still does not have to
clarity and surity of things that we have and only can get through the
spirit and modern revelation.

So today we had a district p-day and we went into lisbon and I had to
lead the group around to see some things but I really had no idea what
I was doing because I had never been there before and it is really
hard to keep all them sisters happy   and everything but it was pretty
fun and in my fake confidence wandering around down there we say some
cool stuff and it kindof seemed like I knew what I was doing.  Good
stuff.  But anyways it did kindof cut short on the old mailing time
today.  So basically I love you all!!!  I am happy and healthy!

Love Elder Hobson

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