Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 41 - Last letter from Alverca

Well this sould be that last card that I get to send home from
Alverca.  We have transfers next tuesday and I would be shocked if I
stayed another transfer. I am excited to find out were home will be
next and which will be my mission.  This week we have been already
kindof haveing goodbye parties and everything with the members and
everything becase Sister Camacho is going home tomorrow.  She came in
to Alverca on the same train with me and I have now been with her for
a little bit more then a third of her mission.  She is super cool and
I have learned a lot serving with her and being her leader.

Today we went to go see a bull run in the streets but we got there at
the wrong time and they were not going to start running them again
until the evening... Stinking lunch break on everything. I did make
the lemon bars and they did not come out very well...

This week we had a crazy experience dropping Paula.  She completely
lost her mind and was weeping and wailing litterally almost screaming
because we are going to stop visiting her.  It is sad becase she knows
that this is the true chruch and that she needs to join it to get
eternal life but she will not forget about the ties and
responsiblities that she has in the catholic church.  She tried
running at me to get a hug and I gave her a straight up stiff arm
because I was honestly scared with all of her makeup running down her
face and everything.   It was a pretty funny experince to be honest
and more dramatic then a spanish soap opera.  Pretty nutts.

The greatest manifestation of the spirit in my work this month has
been through my prayers. I have really been pleading for help to know
how I can best help out my district, my companion, our investigators,
and our members all be strenghened.  I have been doing all that I can
to recognize the promptings of the spirit and trust in them so that I
can be an effective tool and servant in the hand of the Lord.  It may
not be one specific moment that the spirit filled the room that I
remember the most and touched me the most but it is the realization
that the of pure revelation where the spirit has comfirmed to me what
it is that I need to do to fullfil my purpose and help those around me
come unto Christ.

I am not going to lie I will miss being here and I will never forget
all the people that have become so much a part of my life here in this
ward and area. I am greatful for every day that I have been able to be
here.  I definatly know that I am leaving alverca a different
missionary and a different person then I was when I got here.   I have
learned so much about what it means to serve in a ward and really love
the people that you are serving.

I had a hard time bearing my testimony for the last time to my
district in district meeting last week.  It really made me realize how
blessed I really am for this opportunity that I have had to serve here
and be able to work with SO MANY sisters.  I am excited for all the
changes in all your lives, but also to see that somethings never
change.  I love you all

Elder Hobson.

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