Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 37 "Most exhausting week ..."

ok well this has officially been the most exhausting week of my
mission so far.  one of the duplas in our district has been haveing
all sorts of companhionship problems and it has been causeing lots of
problems, distractions and stress for me.  The mission is not meant to
be filled with girl drama, atleast that is what I thought but
apparently not.  Anyways I am really sick of that stuff and would love
to have them end here soon so that we can get back to just worrying
about they people that we need to teach and baptise.

We had an investigator in the district that I interviewed for baptism
and he was not ready to be baptised and therefore wasen't.  It was an
intimidating sitiuation to say the least to have that happen and to
have to decide to wait but I know that the Lord has his time for all
things and one day hopefully he will get himself ready to actually be

We are working really hard with a woman that was a very strong
catholic and did all sorts of things to become basically a preist.
her name is paula.  she is also an international judge that is working
on a case in Belgium so she has had to go their a lot, but we have
been really seeing miracles with her.  She has been accepting all of
our challenges and has a really strong desire to be baptised.  She is
a very interesting person and it is funny to teach her because she
lived in england for half of her life or more she goes back and forth
from portuguese to english all of the time which is kindof funny when
we have members with us that do not speak english.  I have found it
interesting that so many people that acutally study and live in the
catholic church have things that they do not agree with but they
continue on anyways.  I just cannot really understand that.  She for
one never agreed that it is right to baptise babies by splashing water
on thier heads and wondered why we are not baptised as the bible
teaches that Christ was baptised, but she continued on in the church
for years and years.  Anyway she is a really special person and we are
going to work really hard to help her get passed her challenges and be
baptised as soon as possible.

This week we have been fasting and praying alot as we have been
looking for new people to teach and to know what to do with the people
that we have been teaching whether or not they are going to start to
progress.  It has been a powerful and helpful tool to do everything
that we can to see the changes that this area needs. The ward has been
helping a lot recently.  We finally have ward council running as it
should talking about people and it is consistently every week.  we are
also really getting going with english class and indexing night.  It
is cool to see the ward really excited and getting lots of work done
helping out the people all around them.

This week I have been studying about the nefi's visions and it really
does amaze me how much he was able to see becase of his faith.  I hope
that our faith can be suffiecient enough so that we can always have
the revelation, guidance and experiences that we need.

Love you all and see you sunday!!!
Elder Hobson

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