Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 23

Well this week was a little strange.  I was hardly in my area at all.  I started off the week with having to go to the office to do residency.  I am now officially legal to be here for the next year as a resident of Portugal. It was pretty fun to get to go to the office and I was there with one of the Elders from my district in the MTC that I haven't seen since the day that I got to Portugal 117 days ago.  Which is a long time but has gone by super fast.

We also did a division with the zone leaders this week and so I went with elder Dayton (who reminds me of Kyle Andrews with ADHD haha)  It was really fun and different he was cool and they live in a 4 elder house which is really different then what I am used to.  Unfortunatly I lost my  magnetic tag when we were running home so that we could be in the house on time.  I was pretty ticked about that but I got lucky and since I had ordered more tags last month I got the ones that I wanted and now needed the very next day at a training on weekly planning that was for all of the leaders in the mission and their comps which was pretty cool and super helpful.

As far as the rest of our week and weekend where we usually have the most sucess and get the most done, we spent the entire time helping the Elders from Povoa a branch that is here close with a wedding of one of their investigators and then a baptism that they had for 4 other investigators.  So it was a good weekend and always a pleasure to help out with stuff like that where the church is growing and being strengthened like that, but unfortunatly the wedding was porely set up and got out of hand. They showed up with a band and everything and after the cerimony the elders from Povoa peaced out and we were left there to try to keep things from getting to out of control and be responsible for the chapel.  It was a lot of work  and unfortunatly nobody really worked with the people to explain how weddings are done in the church so it went all day with a party and stuff.  On the bright side I got to see what a Portuguese wedding is like and learned that I do not want anything like it.  The only reason that the left when they did is when I got really tired of hereing their annoying music play over and over and faked a problem with the electricity so that the lights went out for a few minutes which made the band freak out about their equiptment and leave soon after with everyone else following quickly.  I was really glad when it finally ended and we got to get out and do some missionary work. 

But it was also really cool that since we have the baptismal font here for the area and also the keys to the chapel we get to help with all the baptisms that happen in the area and therefore we are at a baptism most weeks which is really cool to see, the only downside is that we lose time with our investigators filling the font and cleaning afterwards.

During my studies this week I have been reading in the Book of Mormon in Alma about all the missionary work that he and the sons of mosiah did.  There is so much that I can learn from the example they gave, but the  thing that was standing out to me the most was how confident they always were with the impressions that they were receiving from the spirit and how they always acted immediatly and confidently to follow the impressions that they recieved.  I know that they got that confidence from having a strong relationship with heavenly father through the spirit and through prayer. I know that it is throught that relationship that they were able to have the sucess and teach with the power that was nesicarry to touch the hearts of those people and always know where the lord would have them go.  I am greatful for my opportunity to go to the Lord and ask for guidance every day and I am able to see my confidence in my impressions of the spirit growing every day. 

Ohh also I wanted to challenge you all to pray as a family in the morining as well as at night.  I think that would be something that would be really good and it talks about that in preach my gospel and D&c 59:9 i think.

Well it has been a good chat and I am going to get out and run my fat butt around for a couple hours.  Have an amazing week.

com amor
Elder Hobson

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