Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 21 Luena's baptism

So a member here put some pictures of us on facebook from when we were
at her house for almoco on sister fuller's birthday if you want to
check those out her name on facebook is "Luciana Oliveira" She is a
big brazillian lady.

Also Dad can you get me some stuff like talks or tranings about the
difference between the power and authority of the priesthood?  It is a
discussion that I have had with a couple of my companions and I just
want to read a little bit more about it because I remember studying it
with you in priest quorum with Bishop but I forgot the details.

That is exciting about the news on the house.  Have fun digging at the
frozen ground.  you can think about how I am here walking around
without a coat on still every once in a while here still. and it is
nothing but beautiful weather here.

So this week we hit the standards of the mission and made it into the
presidents letter as one of the areas with the best numbers in the
mission this week and for hitting the mission standards.  Lots of
personal records for me this week and it was really fun and we have
been working really hard and having lots of success.  I was feeling a
little sick like a lot of the mission is right now because we just are
coming out of a pretty cold spell but we kept working through it and
are reaping the blessings of it now with the work and I am all better
now if not better then before.

This week was amazing. It helps me to recognize the importance of
planning. During our weekly planing getting ready for this past week
we named it the week of miracles and that is exactly what happened.
The baptism of Luena was awesome it was such a good feeling to see how
happy she and her parents were. It opened the door with a lot of their
family and friends that came to the baptism. We have some new
investigators and sent out some solid references as well. Her baptism
was awesome and we got a whole bunch of new
investigators from it in her friends and family and her dad wants to
work with us so he can come back and be a worthy priesthood holder

For more of our miracles have just been some of the people that we
have been finding on the street. We have some very promising
investigators and it is really exciting to be a part of this progress
right now. We also have some young members that are preparing for
missions that work with us and after the baptism they are got really
excited and have a strong desire to grow the young men's program here.
We will keep working with them so that hopefully that can happen.

I think that all of this success has come as a blessing for our desire
and efforts to stay exactly obedient and do all that we can to become
menstres of Israel. We have been trying hard to improve and it is
going great and I am seeing the blessings. We had some tests this week
with some sickness but we pushed through it to keep working regardless
and I am so grateful that we did now that we are seeing the success of
heading out even when we may feel like we are too weak or need to
rest. I know that the Lord is really helping us and is answering our
prayers here. I love this area the people we have to work with and
working with Elder Alves. He is a great help to me and I am loving the
opportunity I have to only speak portuguese so I can learn the
language as well as work on learning to recognize and follow the
language of the spirit.

So sorry that all my letter is a little scattered and formatted
strange.   It is alot of copy and pasting so that I don't have to type
to you and the president and everyone else the same things.  but
hopefully you are getting all of the best information and it is
making sense.  This week has been really awesome and now we are kind of
worn out so we are going to go ahead and head home and rest now.
Thank you all once more for all of your love, prayers, and support.
It is really valuable and sacred to me that I have the family that I
do.  I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week.

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