Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 22 Luena's confirmation

So thank you for the stuff that you sent both the study materials and the card in the mail with the seminary stuff.   Very cool I loved it.  And as far as things that you can send me,  so food that is homemade and that is difficult to make with the very basic ingredients becasue that is all that I have and therefore cant make things that are more complicated.  So just moms food in those freezer packs is the best thing.  also I mentioned that one day about maple surup extract could be cool.

This week we were able to have the confirmation of Louena as planned and I was the one that did it!  It was really nerveracking becuase it was my first ever preisthood blessing in portuguese (I have given others in english to our senior elder phippen and sister fuller plus I have done the part with the oil a bunch in portuguese) plus the confirmation part and it was all in front of a ward of people in sacrament meeting.  Talk about a language test!!!  But it all went well and nothing came to me through the spirit that I didn't know how to say so it was smooth and it made good sence to me atleast.  So it was a really cool spritual experience.

This week I also got to teach about poligamy and blacks and the preisthood to one investigator that speaks english and it was while we were on a division with some members so I was all alone.  It was tough but it turned out right and he has already been taught that several times he just wanted to talk about it some more and feel more comfortable he still has plans to be baptised when he moves to england in feburary.

This week we worked hard but were not able to have the same sucess in numbers.  We had a lot of people that we had good lessons with in the street but were not willing to pray with us which was difficult but we will keep doing our best to get people to pray because if there is one area of my testimony that is strengthening quickly it is that of the importance and power of prayer.  I am really enjoying the study that we have as a mission right now.  I am really trying to do my best to use all the time that I have in these short two years to fulfill our purpose as best as I can so that I can be able to say that I did all that I could when I have the opportunity to report my life to our Heavenly Father.  And if there is one thing that I spend a lot of time doing every day it is praying.  So having a study so that I can have more effective prayers and be able to understand more the importance that they have is a blessing.  I have been trying to really focus on always haveing a prayer in my heart that we are doing the Lord's will, also praying for my companion when we teach, also that I will have the right words come to my mouth in the moment, and also we have been stoping more frequently in the day to pray together out loud.  Î have already started to see the extra blessings and guidance that is coming from doing that and I will continue to improve my prayers and therefore my relationship with our Heavenly Father.  We will keep doing our best to bring souls unto Christ through baptism this week and strenghen this ward.

So everything is going well here and I am healthy and well.

Love you all and Have an amazing week!!

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