Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week 24 Staying in Alverca with Elder Alves

So this week was transfers and I am staying in Alverca with Elder Alves which is cool with me becase Alverca is a sweet ward.  If what happens what should make sence I would think that means that I will problably end up staying here for one more after that atleast to keep consistency so I am gald that I am really liking this area.  

So that is awesome that you are working hard on the Morning family prayer thing.  I know that it will be kindof tough but it definatly is worth a feather.  (as the direct translation for "worth it" is in portuguese)  and will help you all have better days and resist the temptations of the world.  I will make sure that in my morning prayers I am mentioning the house too.

Glad that the super bowl was sucess and that everyone sounds like life is good the house is going up quick and that big man jess is tearing it up on the hardwood!!!  Keep gettting more aggressive and faster and all that good stuff.  I will let you know about the white sauce but for now, I dont cook food really I just make biscuits and then buy oatmeal and fruits and veggies and the members do all the rest! vida boa aqui 

 This week we have really been trying to use all of our resources as missionaries so that we can have sucess in finding the truely elect of God.  It has been a challenge as we have been trying to clean out our investigator pool so that we can help those that really want to progess progess and find the ones that the Lord has already prepared.  Hopefully our prayers and efforts will be answered and we can start to have more new investigators that will progress.  We have been having lots of sucess from our aula de Ingles and hopefully we can continue to use that to strengthen our menos activos and our investigators that are coming to that. 

We have one investigator that is named Ibe.  He is a man that we pass by once a week to teach because he has been taught for a long time by the missionaries and has a desire to be baptised he just works on sundays.  His contract will end here at the end of the month and he plans to move to london and get baptised with his family if he can get over his doubts about blacks and the priesthood and poligamy.  He has an issue with sever comments that past apostles have made and has a notebook were he keeps all of them documented. He has had these discussions with many missionaries and african members but he still is holding the doubts.   We are really concerned that he can get past them so that he will go through with his baptism when he moves.  We are going to talk to Elder Phippen about visiting with us so hopefully that will be a sucess. 

So for the spiritual thought this week I have to first say that this week has been a tough week as far as success with our investigators.  More or less all of our marked lessons with people have been falling and we have been cleaning out or investigator pool because none of them were progressing.  It is really tough but it is missionary work and it never has been easy.  But thismorining I was reading about Captian Moroni and the chapter where it talks about how if everyone was like him that the devil would not have power.  I thought that it was really cool becuase I have never really studied the verses early on that discribe what kind of man he was.  I had to take a step back and look at myself to see where I really stand on each of those traits so that I can have the same power of spirt that they had.  When I get frustrated with lack of sucess I have to think about how the everyone has their freedom and I cannot force anyone to be more happy and accept eternal glory and endless joy.  But I know that i can control what happens with me and that I can only work harder and be more obeidient so that I can have a more powerful spirit with me as I teach.  

 I am excited to be able to continue to work here in Alverca and hopefully we will be able to have more baptisms and strengthen this amazing ward.  Love you all and have a an amazing week as always1

Love Elder Hobson

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