Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 25 Vintage Joey ....

Ok to answer those questions first.  We go to one sacrament meeting.  We are 6 missionaries assigned to this one ward.  all wards here have atleast one set all to themselves and all branches too.  there is a lot more missionaries per member here then at home.  they are less selfsufficient. Yes elder alves was here for a month before I got here. they sometimes have two new missionaries in an area and this is called a whitewash.  President tries to avoid it but it happens quite a bit still becuase of missionaries coming and going in the mission with different numbers so areas have to close and get opened all the time.

So things that you could do for me please.  get on my facebook and make sure that it is all totally public and put somesort of river picture on there so I can explain what I did for the members here. also they are trying to add me and see stuff and it isnt working so that could be verry nice to have.  Also  I want to see pictures of the house please.  If you can just send them on the emails I would love to see the weekly progress. and I can always move them onto a memory card and print them off here for pretty cheap too if I want or just look at them through my camera. Also did dad get his birthday card?  and one other update apparently matt might be getting slowly dear johned right now as jenna is asking about marriage advice with some other dude.  fun fact.

This morning started out pretty exciting when I started a grease fire making popcorn.  It is all good though becuase the smoke quickly cleared and the alarm stopped and the danger of burning the house down went out the window when I just chucked the pot out of our third story appartment building window. ahaha fun times when elder alves is in the bathroom.  I ended up making something less dangerous chocolate chip cookies.  Also I had fresh bakery bread that I bought warm with some expensive cheese and smoked salmon for lunch today going fancy thanks Dana!

So dad you did have a more busy Sunday then I did.  We had church then ward council which was hectic then an almoco with the ward mission leader and his family including his less active son that lives in england so that was cool.  then after some proselitismo and passing some people in our area we went to the sisters area for a FHE with an investigator family that they have.  They are africans and we had some Papa which is basically gritz to eat with fresh milk which was exciting a good lesson with the proclomation to the world about the family and then we danced.  HAha I have a video of the black african ladies teaching me how to shake it and move to the rhythm ahaha.  they kept trying to partner dance with me which is clearly not something that a missionary can do but they did snap a picture of me when the lady grabbed my hands for a few seconds.  It was a lot of fun and some really hardcore laughs and good memories.  

Ibe's visit went well this week with the Phippens. I love working with the Phippens they have so much knowledge and experience I always learn alot and sister Phippen always gives cookies. :) They brought some good positive material to help him with.  We will continue to focus on the Book of Mormon because he says that he does not have any issues with the book of mórmon and believes that it is true.  I will work on trying to get him to go to church here and make it ser that he can get baptised before leaving by making some more specific plans with him this week. 

We are trying to get our eternal investigators João and Rosaria to make some strides so that they can get married and baptised.  They are more then willing to come to chruch and know it is true so we will work on making them feel the urgency of repentance and the importance of getting on the path through baptism immediately.  We are using all of the ideas that we can in the missionary agenda to find news and we were able to have some sucess through family history and english class.  We will do what we can to get these new investigators to start progressing towards baptism.

I liked your comments about praying for a specific date with the house.  That is something that we are doing with Rosaria and Joao to help them get over the hump and get baptised.   It is always a good thing to be specific with the lord.  Like the brother of Jared and if it is his will he will show you some miracles.  But you have to have the faith that it can happen which is the hard part.

Scripture for the week: Alma 57:25.  We might get the snot beat out of us in this battle of life but in the end we will come out alive if we are faithful and obeidient to the Lord he will protect us and bless us with more then we can imagine. 

I will make sure to be praying especially for Hailey and Kyle this week and all of you else too as usual.  I love you all and wish you all an amazing week.  

Love Elder Hobson

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