Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 66

This week was full of confusion and moving.  Right now I am still
living out of the suitcases because I do not have anywhere to hang up
my clothes yet in this house.  So basically in our area one of the
houses is really close to the chapel in one of the giant
neighborhoods, and then the other is about a 40 minute walk from that
in another neighborhood that has not been very successful ever as far
as missionary work.  So we got into our area and we did not know which
house we were supposed to be in.  So we went up and lived in the house
that is a long way away at first.  But then after having to
communicate with a ton of people about how we could do it we moved
back down into the other house, but the house that we are living in
with the other elders here does not have some of the things that you
need for a 4 elder house.  Anyways we are getting closer and closer to
getting it all organized and set up how we need it to be.

So I have figured out how I can keep up with what is happening on the
island.  Sister Broderick is responsible for receiving and
distributing the references that we get as a mission to other
missionaries and other missions.  So every time I get a reference for
a different area I get to call in and talk with her.  References are a
little more frequent here in Lisbon. then on the island.  So I have
gotten to call in twice already and Catia is progressing really well
towards baptism.  Also we got an announcement in presidents letter
today that missionaries can no longer have callings unless they are
the branch president.  besides that we are not allowed to have any
sort of calling.  So that is interesting I wonder how it will be out
in the Azores now with that rule.

Tenho sido a pensar esta semana bastante em baptismos.  Eu e Elder
Collette estão a falar sobre a baptismo muito e estou a sentir muito
animo e desejo para fazer a trabalho por causa disto.   Também os
membros aqui são incríveis. Em nossos esforços para conhecer a área
estamos a encontrar com muitos membros que querem trabalhar connosco e
também estamos a encontrar com familiares a amigos dos menos activos
que vamos começar a ensinar.

Estamos a morar na casa de cacem juntos com os outros elders para que
pudermos trabalhar mais perto de capela onde tem a maioridade dos
membros e onde a trabalho está a ser feito neste momento.   As
mudanças necessitarias para fazer isto tem sido um pouco desafiador
mas estamos quase sem problemas por causa de ajuda de algumas membros.
Tem sido a orar mais sobre onde devemos focalizar nosso trabalho nesta
área e estou a sentir bem que estamos no lugar certo. Vamos trabalhar
o mais possível com os membros especialmente os missionários recém
voltados a casa para pudermos completar as famílias deles e também
ajudar muitos dos amigos deles conhecer a Igreja e ser baptizado.

this thanksgiving we did not have thanksgiving dinner, but we did have
a really nice and large meal with the stake patriarch here.  It was
fun to sit down in his house and have him chat with us a bit.  It made
me feel more at home to be on a comfortable couch and talk to a more
elderly person.  He is a fun guy and is always really making very
revalatory statements in almost common conversation.  We get fed quite
a bit here form the members.  It is a very fun very young ward that
has a ton of recently returned missionaries that have all sorts of
desire to baptise all their family and friends.  It is going to be
really fun to get to work with all of them and helo them have their
family in the chruch as well.

Time to run!

Love You all
Elder Hobson

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