Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 67

I got that christmas package and everything is in good shape.  Thank
you all very much.  I have not opened anything but I can already feel
your love.

To respond to your questions...
We have three Americans and one Portuguese elder in our house.  He
does also speak fluent English. The mission has been getting a lot
more português missionaries lately which is awesome, but we have been
losing a lot of our capo verdianos as well. So there is still a mass
majority Americans.  We have 2 portugueses, 1 Brazilian, and 5
Americans in our district.
yes we do have the Christmas video in Portuguese already. It is a good one.

Elder Collette and I were talking a bit about some deep doctrine and I
have a quick question that is not important at all but, do all
intelligences have free agency?

As for our house situation we should finally be getting in our things
from the other house and from the office today.  Hopefully that will
actually happen today becuase it has already fallen though several
times. I am super ready to get on the nice mattress that I have up

Jair is an investigator that we are working with right now that is
showing a lot of potential and really enjoyed church and everything.
It  was a good time

Ola Presidente
Esta semana começamos com um amigo que está a progredir rapidamente a
cumprir com compromissos e a fazer sacrifícios para ajuntar com a
igreja.  Ele vai ser baptizado está mês acreditamos que temos
encontrado um dos eleitos que o Senhor nos preparou. E continuaremos a
procurar para mais.

Torres Vedras está a passar por muito dificuldades nesta momento.  É
raro que eles tem alguém para ensinar. Mudou os planos de divisões
para que puder ir lá e tentar a ajudar. Acredito que sejam boas
missionários obedientes e vou tentar fazer os possíveis para ajudar
lhes começar a ver sucesso.

Com Amor
Elder Hobson
This week I taught the Gospel principles class.  I was asked to teach
it right as it was starting so I had not even read the chapter yet.
Thankfully it was about the final judgement a subject that I really
like.  Unfortunately I think I took it a little too deep for the
investigators and members that we had there. I touched a bit on
transfiguration, requirements for being in the presence of God, and
also the differences in glory in resurrected beings. But for the most
part it went fine haha.

Well I am happy and healthy and the work is going along.  I would love
to tell you more but I am out of time. Have a nice week.

Love Elder Hobson

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