Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 68

I still do not know about the Christmas call as far as if I will be
able to use skype. I think that because the presidents main focus
right now is in helping us to avoid distractions he will probably not
tell us until the last minute so that we can avoid having our minds
wander too much.  As for the housing issue at BYU I have no idea what
my options are and what are the pluses or minuses and PRICES. Honestly
I am shooting completely in the dark. If you want you could send me
something next week with a little bit of an explanation or something
so that I could make the most informed decision possible and we can be
effective with our call..

I have not had that much time to respond to the people that I do not
even know that write me occasionally, it is a little strange but cool
at the same time.  It is good thought to get to hear a bit about where
you all are at.

Well this week was a little crazy and was not made any easier that I
have been fighting a pretty nasty cold.

We had two divisions this week and ever since the first one on
Tuesday, when I had to take a cold shower first thing in the morning
and then walk in the cold out to the train station, I have been
suffering some fevers and a sore throat.  I have not had too much of a
voice for a couple days even though I am getting better now.  Really
is tough to do missionary work when you cannot talk very well..

The divisions were pretty fun though, we were able to teach a lot of
people that have a lot of potential to be baptized and are starting to
progress and everything. One of the divisions when I was already
feeling sick was with Elder Soares who is my zone leader and was in
the Azores for a while as well. It is really fun to get to work with
him. He is a really aggressive little guy from Mozambique that teaches
really well and is a really good missionary that I have always had a
lot of fun with.  We had some real miracles happen and we were
teaching some people really powerfully and I could just see them
changing and having their hearts softened right before our eyes.

Ola Presidente
Este semana tivemos dois divisões.  O primeiro foi com Torres Vedras
B.  Foi bom.  Consigamos encontrar com various pessoas que eles possam
ensinar que tem potential e encontrávamos com algumas maneiras que
eles possam fazer uma trabalho mais eficaz. Espero que eles terão mais
sucesso como resultante destas novas estratagemas.

Mais tarde na semana também fizemos com os Lideres de Zona.  Eu tive
um tempo desafiadora com Elder Soares sendo que estava a lutar com os
efeitos dum febre e fracassa da saúde, mas realmente a sacrifício
valeu a pena porque colheríamos muitas bênçãos do céu.  A acumulação
de muito preparação e procura caiu com sucesso naquela dia.  Era muito
especial para mim começando com aquela divisão e continuando
especialmente durante as entrevistas baptismais  enquanto o Senhor deu
me a forca que era necessário para cumprir com os meus
responsabilidades e ensinar as pessoas que precisavam de meu ajuda
naquelas dias.  não foi fácil, nem sabia se tivesse forca suficiente
para ultrapassa-las mas realmente viu a ajuda divina na minha vida
esta fim de semana apoiando me quando estava o mais fraco.

I was blessed to get to teach a older couple that have quite a bit of
biblical knowledge and that are truly looking for the true church.  I
could really see the difference as we are teaching them I really think
that we are going to be able to help them come to the peace of heart
that they need because that is what an answer about the truthfulness
of the gospel brings to us.  I have really high hopes for them and I
am hoping that they will be able to make the changes in their hearts
to be able to accept the truth.  But becuase of the way that they look
to us as teachers you can see the humility in their eyes.

Have a wonderful holiday season.  I am happy and hopefully the healthy
will come back soon too!  But nothing is going to get in the way of
the Lord's work. Love you all!

 Elder Hobson

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