Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 64

Well this week went by really quickly. With the trip to Sao miguel and
some other administrative things that we had to do it just really felt
like we basically skipped a week.  It was really exciting though and
we did stay really busy.  It was really fun to get to see some of my
buddies for the first time in a while including Elder Thomas while we
were over on sao miguel.  It was a good little trip even though it
left us all a little hung over from the lack of sleep.

Big news out here on the island is that they have a Burger king now.
It is rediculous to see them all soo excited for it and just the crazy
lines and family outings to go get some really overpriced BK.  Funny
how perspective really is everything.

We have a little bit of an interesting situation tonight.  We have
this one less active that I decided to try and contact the other night
that really told us off pretty strongly at first.  Saying some stuff
about how she had fallen for an Elder in the past and because of that
mess she does not want to do with the chruch any more.  But then I
cracked a quick joke and told her that the next time we get some
really ugly elders in here I will leave them a note to let her know
that she can come back to church..  That got her to be open to haveing
us give her a visit.  But I got scared and had absolutely no plans to
actually go and do it until she started calling up with some non
member friends that claim to be interested and apparently she needs
some help as she is going through some tough times right now, I dont
really believe any of it.  So I am really nervous for this one but it
will definatly be interesting.  hopefully i will not have to live up
to my biblical story related with my name and Joseph of Egypt.  But I
am playing it safe and we will be bringing Elder and Sister Broderick
just to be safe.  haha

Ola Presidente

Ainda ficou na mesmo com Elder Pickrell então sinto me que não é vala
pena bater mais na mesmo teclo e explicar de novo. Vou continuar e
orar por ele.

Esta semana passou-se muito rapidamente por causa dos viagens.  Foi
muito bom para receber os treinamentos da conferencia, ajudou me a
identificar algumas áreas em que Eu preciso melhorar e voltar a
focalizar.  Tenho certeza que ao fazer isto vou encontrar com muito
mais sucesso na missão.  Estou grato por cada oportunidade que Eu
tenho para ser chamado a arrependimento  e melhorar.

So I have been learning a lot in my studies about the atonement still
as I just finished reading the book Believing Christ.  It is a really
good book and I sure am grateful for the things that my saviour went
through for me and for all of us.  I feel like there is really never
enough that I can do to that is enough to show him my gratefulness,
and I know that there is no way that I could ever repay him.  I am so
grateful for the plan of mercy that we have and that we truly will get
all that we really truely desire.  I am also glad that I have the
chance to change myself and learn what are the things that truly
matter and what will bring me the most happiness.   I know that God
loves us, I know that we can trust in him and I know that we will
always be best off in following his commandments.  I hope that I as I
go to him prayer looking to recieve forgivness for my weaknesses and
strength to get better I will be able to slowly improve and keep my
covenants so he will be able to keep his and bring me home with all
you wonderful people into the kingdom of our father.

Have a great week!

Com amor
Elder Hobson

Here is a quick picture of lunch at quinta dos acores it was
fantastic.  and also me with a crazy member paulo jorge that we helped
write a talk the other week.

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