Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 62

I would love to have seen that buck as well, glad that jesse stayed
positive with the hunt and had a good time.  yeah they have been going
on the rome temple for a really long time now.  Hopefully things will
go more smoothly for the lisbon one.

So I have got good news about the situation with our branch mission
leader's wife.  We went there last night and I had a really long chat
with her and studied the bible with her to help answer her questions
the best that I possibly could.  In my first transfer my comp was
really into Jehovah Witness stuff and had one of their "bibles" that
is not even legal to call a bible, and a big letter that was written
by a general authority about Jehovah being Christ. So anyways he broke
that down into a table of about 40 scriptures that show quite clearly
that the Jehovah of the old testament is Christ in the new and I made
a copy of that and stuck it in my bible and haven't used it since, but
yesterday I had it to give her a good study to clear up that doubt.
(it is a lot clearer when you use one of the JW versions of the bible
because is is much clearer from their substituting the word Jehovah) I
also talked to her about all of her other questions and showed her
plenty scriptures that confirm the doctrine that we have in the
church.  I was not trying to bible bash or tear their church apart,
but she really needed to see that the fullness of the gospel which we
have is only found in our church.  I also really emphasized the
importance of modern revelation and actual communication with God that
is where the base of our doctrine comes from and not from the study of
the scriptures because that leaves room for human error instead of
having the Church, as we do, run by Christ.  She really enjoyed the
lesson that we had and wants to continue to meet with me to study and
get rid of her doubts. So we are on a much better path already with
her and hopefully I can get her to commit to give up talking to the
JWs before transfers or basically thanksgiving.

Começamos a ver algumas mudanças em nossos amigos naquela nova área.
Sou feliz para estar a ver progresso e para estar a ensinar novas
famílias.  Também estou enfático com algumas mudanças na comportamento
de Elder Pickrell nos estudos e no trabalho.  Acho eu ele esta perto a
virar a esquina que mudará tudo.

Tivemos uma divisão esta semana em que ele ficou na área e tinha que
assumir mais responsabilidade e foi ali que ele começou a mostrar as
maiores diferencias em desejo e animo.  Ficai muito feliz com aquela
divisão com os resultados de meu colega e também porque eu sempre
tenho experiências maravilhosas com Elder Pitcher.  Eu adoro a maneira
em que nos consigamos a ensinar juntos e espero que posso ter a mesmo
união com colegas meus no futuro sendo que facilmente faz que a
trabalho torna se rapidamente para nem parece como trabalho. Em fim
estamos animados e continuaremos a estudar, ensinar, e aplicar a
capitulo 4 na nossas vidas e nas vidas dos outros.

We had a branch Halloween party that was pretty crazy we had sooooo
many little kids there (most of which I have never seen before) which
was fine, but the sisters also invited 3 guys that are known (to
everyone but them apparently) thieves, deportees, one an accused
pedophile, and general trouble makers to be there.  They came mostly
for free food, but I had to spend quite a bit of time on crowd control
making sure that nothing bad happened while they were there but a
sister's camera still is missing right now.   So that was pretty
stressful, but besides that it was a good time for the branch.

We taught a lesson to several new families this week which were quite
fun and varied. We had one that has 5 children and twin 3 year olds
that are little demons which made it the most difficult teaching
environment that I have ever had to deal with on my mission.  Then
another family that was completely different and was quite well
behaved and interested in learning more. Also Fatima ponte is getting
us some pretty awesome references right now and her oldest son is
warming up to hearing the lessons now because of the friendship that
we have been able to build with him.

I had a divison with Elder Pitcher my district leader this week that
was really fun.  We were talking about the idea of rooming together in
BYU when we get back (since we will be going back into school at the
same time) Crazy to think about how fast that is coming. I am loving
every second of my opportunity to serve. Next week we are going to be
flying back over to São miguel which will be a good little adventure
once again so all in all life is good, the chruch is true and the
mission is amazing.

Com amor
Elder Hobson

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