Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 63

Dad, We are in the madrid spain temple district.

So as far as my comp..  not a bunch has changed.  I haven't been
updating yall because it is not really all that fun to hear about but
since you asked... He is having serious struggles with his faith and
desires to be doing this work. he regularly has special interviews and
communication with president.  As I have spoken with him I have come
to realize a really sad truth that he is very materialistic and is out
for the wrong reasons.  I understand now quite clearly why Christ
taught that it is difficult for a rich man to enter into the kingdom
of heaven and the saddest part is that he is not even what I would
consider truly wealthy..  I have learned from talking to him that if
you are thinking it may be a good idea to just grin and bear it to
push through something to get a few of the side effects you desire,
but the actual ordeal is not something that is important to you then
you best change your mind and figure something else out.  To sum up
his problem he when talking about future careers told me what he was
considering being because he thinks it would be a bearable way to get
the money and toys that he wants.  I find that just so horribly stupid
it is unbelievable. Pursue your passions and work on your talents, do
not waste away miserably far from your potential because you are
looking for the praise of man.  The mission is not fun if you are in
it to get a better college and marriage application and to please your
parents (to keep your financial support coming).  Those reasons will
certainly bring nothing but misery if that is all that you are looking
for.  I am immensely grateful that you all helped me to get ready and
get my head straight so that I would be out here for the right reasons
having some of the most amazing experiences in my life. I have been
very impressed as I have read the letters that i receive, especially
that my siblings have written me, over the weeks how well you all have
found out how to be happy and find joy in the gospel, or as president
uchdorf said, make the gospel work for you. I am so grateful to have
been raised in such a way that I have been able to find that as well
and I am so grateful as well for all of your wonderful examples to
help me try and keep improving.

Ola Presidente
Meu colega está a ter grandes desafios com a fé dele e a desejo para
continuar.  Ele não está muito interessado em estudar e está
basicamente a passar tempo.  Tenho medo para pedir lhe para testificar
porque já tem dito a mim vários vezes que tudo parece falso e de mais.
Eu vou continuar com paciência e amor porque mesmo quer ajuda-lo mas
estou confuso em o que ele necessita quando ele nem quer esforçar-se
para ganhar fé.

Estou a pensar muito na necessidade de ter a orientação do espirito
santo em nosso trabalho, e como nós veremos o sucesso segundo nosso
fé.  Tem sido a procurar me para ter o mais fé possível mostrando o
Senhor que realmente tenho pro meio dos meus obras obedecendo todas as
regras e mandamentos com o mais exatidão que eu consigo com a ajuda do
espírito.  Eu sei que no tempo dele serei abençoado por causa disto.
Espero que rapidamente o Senhor vai fazer que consigo transmitir o
espirito santo para as corações das pessoas que precisam.

Estamos a trabalhar com familiares de recém conversos esta semana,
temos uma visão de famílias eternas.

We finally were able to do something right in sacarament meeting as I
helped a man prepare a talk that went over perfectly.  which made me
really exctied that something finally worked out in sacrament meeting.

This week has been pretty awesome because we have been able to begin
teaching some of the family of Joel and of Fatima ponte.  We are
teaching Joel's older brother Elson, who is really awesome and already
enjoys coming to church because of the peaceful feelings that he gets
here, and that he really is looking to have God in his life and to
make a better life for himself and be able to be with his daughter
again that is in the united states right now.  Fatima's son Bruno is
very different.  Like I have said before he is good with talking to us
because of the friendship that I have slowly built up with him  and we
finally managed to get a good sit down lesson in with him and begin
teaching.  We found out that he has all sorts of crazy beliefs based
off of science and the history channel including a bunch of stuff that
he got from a show called ancient aliens or something...  It was
really like talking to a hippie that was a little hazy already that
day.  But he is a really nice open guy that is totally willing to
listen and consider our ideas as well so it was still a very good
experience.  A few things that I have learned about the typical
atheist on my mission is for one, it is a lot easier for them to
believe that science can explain everything than to say that there is
a God.  And interestingly enough it is quite normal to hear that they
believe that we are not alone in the universe and that there have been
extra terrestrial beings that have come to earth and caused things to
happen.  The interesting thing is that if it is an alien then it is
plausible, if it is an angel, then it is unrealistic.  Another common
thing that I have noticed is that the main reason that I have heard
that has driven people to stop believing in religion is that it is
just too restrictive and controlling. they are constantly looking to
"free their minds" and "think outside of the box of restricting or
traditional religious beliefs"  The part I think is funny is that the
plan of salvation is literally based on the principle of free agency
and choice and that the commandments of God are given to us to try and
protect us from destroying our freedom by making horrible mistakes.  I
feel that if people like him just take the time to learn about what
the Gospel really is and to try it out in their lives they will
quickly begin to love it because it is the most exciting and freeing
thing ever.

Check the drop box by the way it should be getting a lot of new pics.
A family like ours shows how well the gospel works in our lives. thank

Com Muitissimo amor.
Elder Hobson

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