Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 81 Philemon v21 Obedience

Rogerio in Cacem
This week we found a ton of new people to teach and we were able to
teach the restoration to a lot of people. Unfortunately we are having
a hard time getting the second lesson right now because they are just
not wanting to put the gospel into action in their lives. Basically
means that we are going to have to keep finding a lot of new people to
teach still.  We have been teaching a lot of people that go to
evangelical churches which are basically Brazilian gospel churches, it
has been fun but it is also a little tough because we teach it all
really clear as to how this is the one and only true church of Christ
that gives us the opportunity to return to him and have eternal life,
but then we get to the end of the lesson and invite them to come to
church to see what they agreed must be the true church and they say
that they cannot because they have their own church to go to.   It is
a bit of a test of our patience but we are going to work with them so
that we can get them to have the experience that will make all of the
difference for them once they just come to church!

today for P day we got a big group of missionares together to
celebrate a sister from France's birthday and to play soccer then go
and get some japonese food. It was a fun day but I am really not good
at soccer.  One of the sisters in our zone was on one of the middle
fork trips with me.  It is funny that I was her guide before the
mission and now she is in my zone in the mission.   Small world.

This week in my studies of the bible I found a cool scripture that I
really liked.  It is the one that I attached in the picture. It is in
Philemon verse 21.  I really like what it teaches us about obedience,
which is something that the mission is designed to help us learn and a
principle so important to our eternal salvation, it seems like it is
just getting done what is asked but true obedience is more then just
that. When we are truly obedient we are going to work to do the things
that should be done and go above and beyond, not a principle too
foreign to me because I have been told constantly all throughout my
life to not just ..go through the motions.. as I have played sports.
So I am glad that it is not a foreign concept to me but it is a good
reminder that this principle needs to be applied to the gospel as

Caro Presidente,
Em nosso trabalho este semana temos sido a procurar novos famílias
para ensinar. O Senhor abençoou-nos com varias famílias mas
infelizmente estamos a ter dificuldade a encontrar pessoas que
realmente estão dispostos a fazer sacrifícios e cumprir com
compromissos, mas vamos mudar um pouco nosso ensino para focalizar
mais em fazer as pessoas a começar a converter-se por cumprir com os

We have been working really hard trying to find the people that the
Lord has prepared for us.  We know that they are out there and that he
will help us find them, it is a fun challenge and really makes it so
that we need to stay paying good attention to all that is going on
around us so that we can take advantage of all the opportunities that
the lord is giving us.  We are going to keep working with a bunch of
college kids that are here from Angola who have been showing a good
amount of interest hopefully we will be able to bring a couple of them
into the chruch.  It is really cool to see these young guys that
really want to have the spirit in their lives and that want to
straighten out their priorites so that they can have happier lives.

I am happy healthy and I love and miss you all.  Thank you for your
love and prayers and I hope that you all keep doing all these
wonderful things!

Com Amor,
Elder Hobson

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