Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week 82 Edson from Angola

We had a really good week out here.  We were able to teach a ton of
lessons to people that are really starting to progress. We had a
division this week where we had a threesome come into our area and
work with us and so we had to get a ton of things marked so that we
could fill up one day with two companionships in our area since that
is the training model that we are using now. We really received some
cool blessings in doing that.  We had a couple recent converts call us
up the day before and say that they had a friend that would be in
their house that we could come by to teach.  I was really excited and
I was looking at all the plans that we already had and it basically
needed to be at 4pm to be possible for us so I started chanting 4! 4!
4! and about 20 seconds later they texted us and asked if it could be
at 4pm!  I was really excited to see how the Lord can really just rain
down the blessings when we are giving it our all.  She came to church
this weekend and we have her marked to be baptized next sunday.  She
is really cool so hopefully everything goes smoothly.

We had a good scare this week as well.  I woke up at about 5am to the
phone ringing on Saturday and answered it to the sound of one of the
sister missionaries in the ward sobbing in pain.  She just told me
that she was in a ton of pain right above her hip and asked if we
could come and give her a blessing.  So we ran over to her house and
found her curled up in a ball on the floor moaning in pain.  We gave
her a blessing and while we were doing it I was praying with all my
heart that she would be ok and that we could have the blessing that
she could be healed immediately of her pain but besides a good
blessing instant healing was not promised. She ended up having a
kidney stone that she actually has already passed.  I kept thinking
that her gull bladder had ruptured which would be worse being that we
are here in Portugal.  It was pretty sad that they called us, we got
dressed, ran to their house and gave her a blessing then got
everything ready and took her down the stairs and waited for about 5
minutes and then the elders from the office showed up to give her a
ride to the hospital.  We had already called portuguese 911 when she
called us and they did not even respond to the call until about 10
minutes after we had already sent her with the elders and gone home..
I have very little confidence in portuguese health care but I am glad
that she was alright and that I was able to participate in giving her
the help that she needed as a priesthood holder.  It is always a
special experience to be able to participate in these things.  She
only has a week left in the mission too.

We have another guy that we are teaching called Edson.  He is here
from angola and is studying engineering and is totally doing awesome
with the lessons. He really studies the things that we leave him with
be a pamphlet or chapters in the book of Mormon he always has it all
marked up with notes in the margines and everything when we come back
in the next visit.  He is really cool and we are truly seeing the
light of the gospel coming into his life.  Unfortunately he did not
make it to church this week, but he should be getting baptized soon
We also had a member here that got his mission call to Moçambique this
week.  It is interesting how the traditions with these things are soo
different here then they are in the United States.  We had the chapel
full of members from all over the stake and Lisbon area there to see
him open his call.  It was a cool experience and fun to see how it is
different then how we have it in the USA being that it happens a whole
lot more.  But actually here in our ward we have 3 young men that have
their mission calls and our waiting to go out into the field.  It is
exciting to see the growth and to be able to help these boys get ready
for the mission.

Sorry it is short but we were out playing with the missionaries that
are going home next week.  Plus I locked the keys in the chapel for a
bit!  sorry!

Love you all and have a wonderful week

Com muitíssima amor
Elder Hobson

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