Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 60

Well this week was full of some new challenges.  All of the sudden on
Tuesday Elder Pickrell did a 180 and then he was emailing and calling
Presidente Tavares and I was stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable
conversation as the translate. Basically he is really having a hard
time adjusting to missionary life and because of that he is
questioning his testimony and everything.  So I am kind of in a fun
position where I have to try and motivate the kid, help him to
actually try and see the best of the mission and the gospel so that he
can become a good missionary and hopefully a man.  Elder Broderick has
been a huge help keeping him going and prayers for him would be

At first I was really kind of frustrated, but now I have just done what I can
to make it fun for me and to enjoy the fact that I have someone to
teach 24/7 that really needs a lot of teaching.  I hope to be able to
give him the best shot that I can so that he can succeed in having the
mission make him into the man that the Lord needs out here.  I know
that I have learned a lot and changed a lot on my mission so far and
this challenge will definitely bring further growth so I guess that is
good and exciting and all.  Growing is never all that comfortable,  it
always seems to involve some aspect of pain and effort, but if I have
learned anything from all the things that I have done in my life is
that that is a good type of pain that we need to learn to love,
knowing that you are going to be a lot better off the next day like
when you get done with a really good workout.  So I am going to put my
all into converting everyone around me, starting with those that are
closest and working my way out.

Our fast and testimony meeting was a really spiritual meeting this
month.  We had that family from California here for the last time and
they bore their testimonies right towards the end which really put a
good highlight on the spirit.  I was able to translate for the Father
who is a totally typical Californian who likes to skate and surf and
doesn't seem to take anything too seriously.  But he got up on the
stand and bore his testimony about his family and how he being adopted
never did get to meet the Portuguese side of his family and how great
it was to get to do their family history over this past month.  He was
just shaking trying to hold back tears unsuccessfully and there were
not that many people in the crowd that did have dry eyes.  It was
pretty awesome and just a really fun sunday.

Also I have moved back to 2nd counselor and will be staying here for
another 6 weeks.  I had a lot of fun with doing all of the sustaining
announcements for all the people that we have been giving callings to
recently, and then we have some really amazing experiences while we
were doing the setting aparts as well.  When we finally got home at
about 3h30 having left the house  at 8h30 having gone a little
overtime on the fast and everything i felt like I was going to fall
over because i was so spiritually and physically drained.

A quick success story that we are having is a lady that i have been
passing by every once in a while for the last couple months that has
about 2 years in the church almost all of them inactive and i have
been teaching and preaching to her at her doorstep all this time
trying to convince her to come back to church.  I have never let her
give me any excuse that I will actually accept, and finally this last
time there a member happened to be visiting her trying to help her out
a bit and she actually promised to go to church next month when she
will be  out of work because of the persistence that we had and also
the help from her friend that is a member as well.  Working with
members is what works and we can never give up.

I love it out here on the island and I am soooo excited that I get to
continue my work here with these members for atleast  one more
transfer.  I love you all

Elder Hobson

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