Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 59 General Conference

Yellowstone sounds like it was a success.  It sure is nice that y'all
have the motor home otherwise the constant rain would have been really
rough trying to deal with tents and cooking and such. I don't
understand park rangers,  why would they kick you out of that spot
with the bear. that is the main reason that people come to yellowstone
is to see the wildlife.  I could never be a park ranger because I
would probably be more inclined to try to get the tourists to go and
touch the elk just to see the carnage afterwards and get a good laugh
out of it.

Last monday visiting the volcano was a blast.  super glad that I got
to go up there and see that before I get kicked off of the island.  I
tried to upload the pictures that I took on dropbox but I am not sure
if it worked out.  Ridiculously pretty and kind of eerie.

This week has been kind of an awkward week of transition for me.  I am
doing all that I can to try and change the way that we work so that we
are doing more with the members to change the culture of missionary
work and try to make it more effective to see real growth.  (See more
in my president letter)

Fun fact: Elder Pickrell is from the stake that Elder Schenk is
serving in right now in Casper Wyoming. He is serving in the YSA ward
there and he is going to try to give Elder Pickrell's family a visit
because he is the zone leader for that stake.  It is really funny how
small the world is, he even sent me a picture of Elder Pickrell's
picture hanging up on the wall in the chapel that he is serving in.

That Californian family is still out here and will be in church next
week as well and everything.  It has been fun to have them around and
watch conference with them.  they with sister broderick made a couple
nice between session meals for the crew which was super delicious and
really nice.

O treinamento de Elder Pickrell esta a correr melhor.  Ele está a
ganhar confiança e pouco a pouco a desejo de falar com pessoas.
Estamos a aprender a doutrinas das lições e como ensina-los.  A
compreensão dele esta a subir e vou continuar desfia-lo ao comunicar
na língua de missão.  Sinto me muito feliz para ver a grande progresso
dele e sei que o Senhor tem grandes planos para ele a realizar na vida

Esta semana estou a esforçar de mudar a forma em que trabalhamos com
os membros.  Já vi a grande ajuda que eles possam ser para apoiar e
dar conforto as pessoas durante a experiência de conversão e
continuação em actividade.  Mas agora Eu sei que realmente isso é
muito pouco e se quisemos grandes resultados e crescimento real vamos
precisar muito mais deles.  Temos que mudar a sistema para que o
trabalho missionário será feita por todos e os missionários tornarão
para ter o papel de auxiliou e apoiou.  Sei que esta é o maneira do
Senhor e sei que não vai mudar um dia para o outro mas para ver
resultados nunca antes vista aqui precisamos fazer coisas que nunca
antes foram feitas aqui.  Temos bom animo e fé que encontraremos
referencias e a maneira pelo qual podemos fazer esta mudança.

I was not all that surprised by the repetitiveness of the message of
sabbath day observance during conference with that bing the big focus
of the church as of recently.  It really has been a difficult thing
here and as a part of the branch presidency it has been quite
concerning for me and I have been very involved in sacrament meeting
especially. We do have some serious reverence problems here in the
branch that we are trying to solve.  But they are problems that have
been around for years and years.  It is really difficult to try and
change how sacrament meeting is viewed.  It certainly is a struggle
that I am having and also personally.  I find myself so often looking
out over the congregation and wondering how all of these people are
doing,  where are the people that are not here, what needs to happen
next, what I am going to teach in the next hour, or how am I going to
try and help the investigators that we have at the church with us.
Anyways I realize that I am letting the stress of missionary life take
away from the spiritual experience that we can have in sacrament
meeting that we all need so desperately. I find it quite ironic that
of all things that a missionary struggles with it is keeping the
sabbath day holy and making it a delight (Isaiah 58:13) So there is
one thing that I am going to be trying to work on now.  I also think
that it is important that I get myself to slow down and really look
for the guidance from the Lord constantly in my work instead of just
trying to go as fast as I can and cover the most area possible to be
able the try and increase the chances of success.  I defiantly was
blessed enough to receive a number of revelations during conference
and I really truely feel like I treasure up the teachings of the
prophets and apostles now..

It is starting to cool down out here and I do not have any of my
winter clothing becuase we have to leave half of out stuff at the
mission office to come out to the acores so that might get interesting
and I may just have to bum a coat or sweater off of elder broderick.
haha gotta love having casals around.  (he was really reminding me of
Dad with all of the comments that he was making during general
confernce.  I think that could explain why we work so well together.)

Com Amor
Elder Hobson

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