Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week 56

Well this week the weather was certainly better but unfortunately the
after effects of the rain and stuff did not end there. Because Elder
McGraw got sick and that was what was screwing with out work time this

Anyways, I put a few pictures of the garden in the drop box they are
of the of a garden that we walk up and down all the time that is
really steep but we live right at the top of it and the main part of
the city is right at the bottom of it. so it was just a really
beautiful morning and i thought that i better use it to take a few
pictures. We were able to see two islands away which made me really
excited until I talked to a old member that said it is an old proverb
that if you can see pico The second island then it is going to rain in
3 days. So hopefully the old proverbs are not true this time. 

 We have been working with the brodericks with several less actives as
part of my showing them around the area and helping them get situated
and find as many people as fast as possible. One family that is
fairly large and has a good number of members in it are really showing
a change of heart after the wife survived a really severe cancer
scare. They have plans to come back to church this weekend so that
was a really nice miracle to see. 

 I have been studying a bunch of books written by profets and apostles
and right now i am just starting on a marvelous work and a wonder. I
really love my study time and i always wish that i had more then the
hour that I have. The scriptures are awesome. 

Today we have a branch activity so we dont have too much time to write
sorry that it is short but gotta run! 

 Love you all
Elder Hobson

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