Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 53 Fatima

I cannot believe that Summer is over out there already! That went by
quickly.  and I do think that that trip would be a good annual end of
summer last hurrah.  I liked that story from pres. Hinkley.  It is
really an attention getter and it is really important to me that they
get that all worked out so that all members have the best chance
possible of staying strong in the church and actually making a
difference in their lives.  President Hinkley spoke quite clearly that
we need to change how things are so that we can see real retention and
real growth.

To answer your question mom.  Matt and I talk every week and we are
starting to talk about college plans.

And do not worry Dad there will be no focusing on programs here since
none even exist.  All the work that we do here is really individual
and really personal.  I have called this week every member on our list
trying to get updates on where and how they are doing.  It was fun and
we were able to get a young mother to come out to the surprise goodbye
party that we had for the leSueuer casal since they will be leaving
next weekend.  So we are seeing fruits of our labors already and our
focus is principally in creating opportunities for great things in the
future. That goodbye party was really fun and it will be sad to see
the LeSueurs go next weekend, but they are being replaced by the
Brodericks the couple that I introduced to Alverca and worked with
there for 3 months, which will be a pleasure. We got to go on a cool
hike up to the top of a mountain early this morning with elder LeSueur
which was really cool and super beautiful I will try to get you some
pics soon.

We had a really nice informal presidency meeting this week with
President Cabral, when he took us out to lunch and we talked about a
bunch of the members and their needs, but we also got to know him a
little bit better and we learned a lot about the work here from just a
nice conversation with him.  He is a really good guy.  Super different
then I am but he is really fun to be around.  I love getting to work
with the local leaders because I can see immediately and hear the
concerns that they have for their units that other missionaries in the
past never truly got the opportunity to get to know about and
therefore could not make the same lasting impact on the church here.
So I am really loving the work and the experiences that I am having
here. I am learning that I enjoy counseling people and helping to
train them so that they can see the best results they are capable of.
When I get to see them succeeding and have that joy in their life of a
job well done I really feel satisfied oftentimes more then when I do
the job myself.  Maybe that will have to be a consideration in
potential future careers.

This week I had my first ever interview as a priesthood leader.  It
was to extend the calling of head janitor basically to a member, but I
had Elder Thomas as the secretary call him and set up the appointment
and ask that he came in a shirt and tie and when he got there he was
sooooo nervous, just sweating bullets.  It was pretty funny because he
is a big ole body builder and he was scared to death of me hahaha.
Right when he got into the office he just said, "If this is about my
worthiness, I am not worthy"  hahaa I thought he was about to break
down into tears, but it went well  and we got him the calling.

We have one investigator named Fatima that is super cool and she is
the subject of my letter to president if you translate it.  But she is
just the shyest quietest lady I have ever met, but she does know how
to get excited about the gospel and she really looks forward to our
visits.  She is living proof of the power of the book of Mormon and
the prayers in conversion. She has dramatically progressed and let her
fear of moving to quickly go behind her because she has truly learned
that it is true and she cannot deny it.  She should be getting
baptised this next weekend if all goes well.

Esta semana estamos a trabalhar principalmente com nossa marcada para
esta fim de semana. Ela é uma mulher muita eleita. Ela ESTUDA O Livro
de Mórmon, e tem perguntas fantásticas sobre o que podemos aprender
com as escrituras. Ela compre com compromissos melhor sempre, e desde
de momento quando ouvimos ela orar para nos como mensageiros de Deus e
pediu que as corações dos outros possam ser preparadas para o
evangelho sabíamos com certeza que ela será uma membro fantástica. Ela
tem a única problema que o ex-marido ainda mora na casa dela porque
ela é simpática demais para manda ele para a rua. Mas achamos ela esta
a guardar a lei de castidade dormindo em quartas separadas nem na
mesmo andar. Ainda assim Elder LeSueur vai verificar antes de batismo.
Sou preocupado que vai causar problemas com outros membros com esta
situação, mas sabemos a salvação dela está encima de tudo. ficaríamos
em contacto sobre o progresso dela.

Have a great week and study hard!!

Com Amor
Elder Hobson

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