Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 51 Joel's Baptism

Well freak you all need to be careful.  Getting you letters this week
was like getting the 5 o'clock news.  It was just all crime and deaths
and all sorts of tragic things.  I am very grateful that everyone is
still alive and that Granny will have the best recovery crew in the
word at her 24/7 care to help her get back up on her feet.  I think
that that spot should be removed from that house or at least have an
age limit on who can pass through there without wearing a padded suit.

This week was super busy.. Especially on Sunday.  I am conducting in
sacrament meeting for the month and I was pretty nervous to do it for
the first time but I was able to get it done in the end.  I sat in on
some interviews to talk to some people about their welfare needs and
situations.   It was a busy day too with Joel's BAPTISM.  It was super
awesome and he just has progressed ridiculously fast. He bore his
testimony in his baptism and had everyone laughing and feeling the
spirit at the same time. I love that kid and he will stay a good
friend of mine forever.  I understand now what it means to have
someone that understands that we are really representatives of Christ.
He accepts all the challenges that we give him without hesitating no
matter how difficult it probably will be for him.  He is an awesome
kid that is already thinking about things like going to the temple and
serving a mission.  He is also just really fun to talk to and work
with.  He has a great sense of humor and even with all of the problems
of this branch and all the negative comments of the members he is just
always smiling and loving it because he understands that it is truly
the church of Jesus Christ. He really liked that we had some of the
young women sing for him :)  also we had him cleaning the baptismal
fonte with us and everything during the week. Which was an interesting
experience and he was just so stinking anxious to get to the day of
his baptism.  I gave him that green tie that I have had since I was
like a teacher haha fun times.

This week we have started working on doing the work necessary to clean
up the ward list which has 467 people right now with 50 or so coming
to chruch.  Also there is all sorts of crap on there that should not
be there which we need to get rid of.  We also spent a bunch of time
calling salt lake to get the internet all working and up to code with
the church because it was totally screwed up but on the bright side I
got a 2 hour free class on how internet connections work and how to
wire everything and another 2 hour class on how MLS and the church
internet system works.  so that was cool and will be useful for

As far as coming and picking me up, I have though about it and I think
that it would be really nice for some things and other reasons make me
tempted to just say I come home and call it good.  I do vote that you
go back with mom to Italy though and dont want to be the deciding
factor either way.  It would be fun and that would take some stress
off of me about getting a suit and shoes and stuff bought here before
I get sent home.  Me having time on the acores makes it a bit more
challenging though if you would be wanting to come and see out her as
well. But yeah it would be fun even though I cannot swim we could do
some nice fishing or something.

Caro Presidente
Esta semana conseguíamos   a batizar Joel.  O mudança nele era quando
ele começou nos ver como verdadeiro representantes de nosso Salvador.
Ele vai ser um membro excelente e temos planos e esperança que vamos
conseguir a batizar muitos dos amigos e familiares dele. Também
tivemos um irmão duma membro chegar na igreja que já foi algumas vezes
e tem lido o livro de Mórmon e quer ser batizado mas ele mora na Ilha
de Pico onde não temos a igreja organizado ainda. Então temos o
contacto dele e vamos começar  a ensinar lhe por meio do telemóvel
para que na próxima visita que ele esta em angra ele possa ser
batizado.  Gostamos ouvir qualquer outro instruções sobre casos como

I got that package mom.  The talks are great and the marshmallows came
through well.  the little ones were stuck to the sides but the big
ones were perfectly normal.  So thanks.  

Well family I love you and sorry that I dont have time for too much of
a spiritual thought today but I know that the church is true and I am
sure glad for eternal families so that we can all stay together.  STAY

Com Amor
Elder Hobson

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