Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 46 July 5 after Hayden's accident

Well I do not have a whole lot to say today but thank you for all that
you have said over the last couple days.. I hope that you all can
come together and really do what you can to cherish every blessed
moment that we are blessed to have together.

I would like to send more but I have already run out of time
unfortunately today. I will be thinking and praying about you all
this week. I am fine out here and the work is going well I love you
all and sorry that I didnt get you a very good letter this week mom.

Elder Hobson

Comments to Amanda:
Thanks for all the stuff you said about Hayden and all the dedicated
support that you are always giving to this family. You are awesome
and will become an amazing mother one day. Those were good days with
the 4 of us and now they are treasured memories.
love you duh!

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