Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 45 June 29

So this week was crazy. First off we had out last conference with the
Fluckigers which was cool and also fun to get to fly over to the other
island, but it left us super tired since we had to fly out both times
at about 4 in the morning and on the mission you do not get time to
catch up on sleep. We got to work a lot with the zone leaders on the
other island for a day which was fun as always and a good learning

When we were working one day, we had been doing a pretty good job of
staying out of the craziness of the parties but we came down into tow
to see that they had a running of the bulls going on and because of
that the whole place was shut down. So we found a really cool
American whose parents are from the acores but he is a college
wrestler from cali whose girlfriend is apparently about to get
baptized, and we just watched the craziness go down. I say a couple
people almost get seriously hurt from this bull. I had no desire to
get out in front of this thing but it was sure fun to watch.

I got a litttle sick becase of the lack of sleep and becase we ran out
of gas and I took a couple of cold showers that put me over the limit
since it is only in the 70s here. But i am mostly better now. Dad I
really wish you would have rejected I have always wanted to see that
happen just so that I could see the faces of the people in the crowd.
Also I bought a really sweet portuguese tie today. the first thing
that I have bought in portugal that is kindof souveniery

Ola presidente
Esta semana por causa de nossa promessa com Deus de contactar pelo
menos 20 pessoas cada dia para que nos pudessemos ter 10 novos, vimos
grandes bencaos. estavamos no outro ilha para conferencia de zona e la
tivemos muito sucesso encontrando com os eleitos mesmo como em nossa
propria area. tivemos uma mulher que que mesmo receber as ordanacas de
salvacao para unir a familia dela depois de so algumas minutes com
ela. Eu sei que o senhor prepara nosso caminho e que temos as pessoas
que ja sao preperados em nosso frente para encontrar. Eu amo esta
trabalho, este povo, e nosso Senhor.
com amor
Elder Hobson

We have been able to work with a couple members and I am getting the
opportunity to do all sorts of interesting things with the church that
I have never done before. I was acting as the branch clerk for a
while as I helped with tithing, reimbursments, and welfare stuff.
Also i will be doing the audit here in the next couple weeks for the
branch on the other side of the island which will be fun to get to do.
Not that I want to be an accountant but it will be cool to see what it
takes to do an audit. We really want to help this branch be
strengthened as the members that we do have have some serious problems
especailly a lot of stuff with the word of wisdom.. But we are making
some progress and we have several families that we are trying to help
get to the temple and finish all of their ordanances. we also are
helping a less active family get ready to move to California which
should be a great thing for them if we can get the youth there in the
church to fellowship well all of the children in that family and
hopefully they will get nourished better there then they have been

Anyways I am loveing reading through all of the conference talks again
and again. they are amazing and I know that those prophets and
apostles are called of God. I am greatful for their leadership and I
am greatful for all of your love and my family and home life, as i see
broken and problem ridden families i become more and more greatful for
all that i have been blessed with.. I couldnt have asked or hoped or
dreamed for any better. thank you so much.

Love you all
com bastante amor

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