Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 77 Leaving Cacem

Today is a pretty cool day.  As I write down the day that it is at the
start of my daily journal entries, I happen to have arrived on the
500th day exactly today that I have been here in Portugal.  That is a
lot of days that have really gone by really fast.  Especially now that
I officially have less then 6 months until the end of my mission it is
showing me that things are going quickly now.

Well I was totally caught off guard when I got the call, but I will be
getting transferred out of Cacém and I will be going to Odivelas which
is one of the strongest wards in Portugal.  It will be nice to have a
good leadership in the ward unlike in the confusion of Cacém, but I
was actually really mad that I will be leaving for lots of reasons.
The main one being that we have been having lots of success and we are
going to have a lot of the investigators that I have been teaching
that will be getting baptized in the next couple weeks, we have
everything all planned out and we are just basically waiting now.
Plus Alexandre is going to get married to Guilhermina again and then
he will be able to get baptized finally and Rogerio is going to turn
18 in a couple weeks and he will sign on his own so that he can be
baptized.  We really are seeing lots of miracles here and I am sad
that I have to leave and I will not get to see the rest of them all be
completed. Another reason is that I have managed to get them all to go
running with me every day at 6h30 in the morning in the winter which
is often kindof difficult to get missionaries to go do.  And the other
thing is that I am going to miss the bed that I have here.  The bed is
super soft memory foam mattress with a brand new quilt that is super
soft..  haha it is the little things that really can make a big
difference and impact on things.

 But it will be good for me to go out to Odivelas.  I am going to be a
zone leader still and I am going to be serving with Elder Reni.  He is
a really cool guy that was out on the Azores with me but on the other
island.  I have never seen or heard anything but good things about him
and I am sure it is going to be wonderful, but I am going to miss
Elder Noguiera.  I thought that we would stay together for a little
bit longer at least but that is life.

This week we had a lot of conferences as a mission.  We went to a zone
conference as well as a mission council for the zone leaders that were
ran by Elder Dyches, a member of the presidency of the area of Europe.
He taught us a lot of cool things that will be really useful to keep
doing better and better in our work here and for after the mission as

Este semana continuemos a ter muito sucesso.  Realmente Eu sinto que
Eu e Elder Nogueira conseguimos a tornar nossa área uma área padrão.
Tem muitas pessoas a se preparar para batismo, sempre estamos a
encontrar novas famílias, ter novo marcados, algumas de nossos
projectos de longo prazo estamos a chegar ao batismo, e estamos a
buscar muitas referenciaras e estamos a ver a sucesso com isto.
Aprendi muito aqui em Cacem e sinto me muito grato por cada minute que
tive aqui.  Tenho certeza que esta área continuará a ver muito sucesso
nas próximas meses.

Fizemos um divisão com Torres Vedras B e tive com Elder Namok.  Ele é
um bom missionário que precisa um pouco mais ousadia e confiança. Tem
uma tendência de sempre seguir o exemplo dos ao redor dele seja bom ou
mal.  Falamos sobre isto por causa de desafios com obediência na
torres vedras e fiz metas com ele para não deixar se mesmo a cair na
armadilha de fazer obras mortes e estar satisfeito com mediocridade
para apenas evitar confrontações.  Tenho confiança que Elder Beeton
vai ajuda-lhes para não cair nisto de novo.

So for a quick spiritual thought I have been thinking about and
teaching several people about this week is the story of the brother of
Jared.  I find that story very interesting and there are about a
hundred different lessons that we can learn from those few chapters
about his experiences, but baiscally what I have been focusing on this
week is how the Lord wants us to do things for ourselves and really
come up with solutions to the things that we are doing.  We really do
need to learn how to be more like a God through doing many good things
through our own free will.  I know that we really have a divine
purpose to be like our father and that it is possible because of Jesus
Christ.  I am gratefull for that knowledge because there are very few
people that seem to really understand that principle.  We must never
forget why we are here. and there is always a reason and hope.

Love Elder Hobson

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