Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Great start to the new (and last) year

Well I have to say that I could not have asked for a better way to
start out the year then with those three baptisms.  Octávio and nilson
are friends that are always running around together and Nilson was the
only member of his family who was not yet baptized so we started
teaching him and octávio wanted to be baptized as well and now we have
a group of neighborhood kids that we are teaching and we have been
reaching out to their families at the same time and we are finding a
lot of really cool people doing this. It is really fun and we are
going to keep seeing a lot of sucess there I think.

Quick question...  Are you planning on passing through italy before
getting me or whatever happened with that in the end?

For the new year we did not do anything too special we had to be home
at the normal hour and we just had permission to stay up until
midnight so we basically just chilled at home for a bit and messed
around a little at night.

We have been working with a member named Rosa that moved here from
Cabo verde for a short amount of time and her friends.  They were all
able to come to chruch this weekend which was really cool and
hopefully we can get them to start progressing as soon as possible.
They are really fun people and Rosa is such an awesome example for
them that it makes it easy to see the blessings of the gospel in a
normal members life.  We are seeing several people that are growing
quite a bit and we are doing a lot of work with the members here
becuase a lot of them have family members and children that have not
yet been baptized and just need a bit of help to be able to take the
step.  The way that we work here is really awesome and it is just
really efficient and with our new leadership position and the way that
the missionary department changed the way that leaders work in the
mission just barely it is going to be really important that we keep
having lots of sucess in the work.

We also had transfers come in today. I will be staying here in cacém
(we live on rua ponte nova, Nº1 by the way) and now I will be working
with Elder Nougeira who is Brazilian.  We are now the zone leaders in
the zone and they moved the area of the zone leaders so we will be
staying here.  I am super excited for this transfer.  Also Elder
Pitcher my good buddy from the Azores is now going to be living in the
same house as me which makes me really excited.  All the changes are
really exciting and I am ready for the new set of challenges that I
now have and I am excited that I get the opportunity to keep working
with these people here in Cacém because we were able to get a lot
going here in a short 6 weeks even with all the Christmas distractions
and challenges and I know that this area has all sorts of potential to
baptize a lot of people.  So we are going to go out and get it done.

I just have to say that we are seeing lots of miracles happening right
now in my mission and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have
to be here working for the Lord toughing the lives of these people.
It is amazing to see people change and to have this happiness come
into their lives.  I do not have any doubt that what we teach is true.
It is so amazing to see people come to know these things as well, and
it always is really sad to see someone that thinks that they are
better off without the gospel in their lives.  I know that it is never
too late for any of us to change and to have everything that the Lord
wants to bless us with in our lives. I know that this is his church
and that he lives and loves us. I know  that he has a plan for us and
will bless our families eternally.  I am so glad for his guidance in
my life and I hope that we all can be attent enough to recognize it
and humble enough to follow it.  I love and miss you all.

Boas entradas! Com amor
Elder Hobson

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