Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 8 Short Update

So I only have a few minutes today because we got back late from going to this amazing Palace in Sintra.  It was awesome and I will try to get you the pictures from it soon. We have been working hard and it has been paying off.  We started out the week pretty rough but we were able to start getting some lessons in the second half. We have some investigators that are interested in baptism but they need to either go to church first or get married.  It is really tough to get people to go to church here because they all have the catholic mentality that any tiny excuse is good enough to not go to church.  So we were disapointed sunday morning when we woke up and it way pouring rain. But it is ok hopefully we will be able to get them out next week and hopefully we will baptise some of them.  I have been trying more and more to speak during our contacts and I am getting more but it is still really hard.  I know that God has been preparing the people that I have been meeting becuase some of them are really ready.   It is usually a challenge to get them to quit smoking and drinking becuase everyone here does, but I know that with Gods help it is possible.  I have to go and I am sorry it is so short but I love you and I am doing fine.   More for next week.


Elder Hobson

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