Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MTC Week 3

So for the update for the week, it has been raining like crazy here, which is helpful for me for the majority of the day because it makes me more ok with being inside so that has helped.  But it has meant that we have been playing basketball instead of soccer,  It is fun but I do love getting out in the sun for soccer.  Elder Beeton and I have been unstoppable which is always fun.  We are yet to lose a game after 4 days of playing short 3 on 3 games.  We even  beat a team that plays everyday and has this big 6'4" black guy that is super thick and athletic.  I had to guard him and he worked me but I did hit a game ending 3 with his hand in my face so it was all good in the end.  I thought I would mention that to Jesse just so he knows that he is not the only basketball player that I beat on the court.  It isn't fair here either for the Elders that play against us, so you better be practicing hard all of the time if you want to be beating me when I get home.  I wish that Elder Beeton could have the kind of communication and execution that we have on the court together in the teaching room in Portuguese.

Another note on Elder Beeton, he is a BYU fan and a Cowboys fan.  So we both enjoyed the football updates that we have been receiving from both of our families. 

In other news, We have been made the new zone leaders.   We have been helping the old zone leaders as they have been leaving the last two days.  We had to be up at 2:30 this morning to see off Elder Littlefield and 5:30 yesterday for Elder Knight.  We have been super tired because of this, but we have had some perks, they passed down some goodies and laundry detergent which was nice.  We are super excited for tomorrow because we have 3 new missionaries coming into our zone for the first time since we got here  and being zone leaders we get to do all the orientation things for them and give them the tour and what not.  That will be way fun.  Our district also has been asked to be hosts which is where you are the missionary that receives the newbies on the curb and takes some pictures for their family.  I look forward to talking to those shell shocked missionaries and watching the drama of the cry fest.  So tomorrow will be an awesome day.

As far as our new fake investigators we are having pretty good success with one of them and with the other we have been really struggling.  They are supposed to get progressively more difficult as we are here so I guess it is expected.  It is annoying that we know that they are fake because they are our teachers because sometimes we feel like we have done  really well and had the spirit there teaching them and then they give us a response that is not very promising.  Because they are our teachers sometimes we get the feeling that they are going to shut us down and be stubborn on their questions just to push us and challenge us.  It is super annoying when we start to think that.

I thought that Christina and Amanda would be interested to know that both of the sisters in my district are into ballet and dance.  Sister McChesney danced with the BYU ballroom dance team.  The highest one that travels and stuff.  I am pretty sure that she has came and danced at CSI before when you have gone and watched them. She is the one with brown hair by the way.

Dad, I have really enjoyed the singing we do in the devotionals as well.  The first time that we had a devotional it was really exciting for me and fun, but this last one Sunday night we sang a song that I am not really familiar with and it is driving me crazy that I cannot remember it, but the lyrics were amazingly powerful and they hit me really strongly.  I will have to try to find them so I can show you the words in one of my next letters, but it is going to be difficult to find an English hymn book in our area.  I have a branch President named Jackson.  He is a tall lengthy guy that was a track star for BYU back in the day and is an orthopedic surgeon.  He is a pretty good president but his eyes bore deep into your soul as he looks at you.

We had our first mission conference this week because it was fast Sunday.  That was the best meeting that I have been to this far here.  I was feeling the spirit was super strong the entire time and all the messages are amazing and taught me a lot. They spent quite a bit of time on Prophets in the modern day which my testimony of that and the need for that has really been growing over this week.  I had just read the end of the 1st official declaration to the church the night before where they talk about what they would have done had it not been for receiving revelation from God to do what they did. I don't know why my testimony of the prophets today is being strengthened right now, but I am grateful for it.

Being Fast Sunday and since Jared and family reminded me that was how Grandma Hobson kept track of the time for her missionaries I spent some extra time thinking of her on Sunday. I had one Elder bare his testimony on the fact that he knew we had family on the other side of the veil that will help us throughout our lives and especially on the mission.  I know that as it says in D&C 84:88  that she is there in the angels that are all around me.  I think that Grandpa Harold is there as well supporting me.  When Elder Holland gave a speech once at Stanford he opened it up with saying to the students that we believe in angels and if they don't then they might have a hard time understanding his speech.  I defiantly believe in angels and think about the ones that I love most every week when we go to the temple.  

So I have a quick little spiritual thought that I would like to share with you all since 9/11 is in a few days.  It is in Doctrine and Covenants Chapter 64 it is verses 9-11.  Notice the page number, verses, and the date that Joseph Smith received the revelation.  I don't know if you are familiar with that insight but it is a witness to me that the church is true and prophets receive modern revelation.  Joseph Smith was a prophet and seer no doubt in my mind.

We also watched most of Elder Holland's talk yesterday where he talked about Jesus asking Peter if he loved him three times.  That was really powerful and made me think about how much I love all of you and that I know that I need to love the savior even more then that.  I hope that I will have my love for my Lord and savior strengthened as I am on my mission so that I can truely love him more then anything else.  I think that may be one of the reasons that they have young men  serve missions where the contact with the people they love here on earth is minimal so that we can come closer to Christ and rely on him in every thought and action.  I know the more he is in our lives the happier and better off we will be.  So even though I miss you all, I am grateful that your absence will be filled with our Lord and savior.  Which I hope and pray that will be the same for all of you.  Until next week.

Elder Hobson

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